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AMT3000 KitKit Assembly ServiceAssembled Kit (Export)AMT3000 PRO
The AMT3000 transmitter kit comes complete with all parts, components, and hardware including: case, AC adapter, and instructions. Assembly required. Choose this option if you want us to build and test the AMT3000 kit for you. We have the necessary tools, electronic instruments, and experience to do it right!  Just add our Kit Assembly Service to your shopping cart.The AMT3000 comes fully assembled, tuned and tested for export. Please specify 10Kc or 9Kc channel spacing with your order. Note: 9Kc model is for use outside North America.The AMT3000 PRO is a professionally built (not a kit) AM transmitter that employs a unique 0.08" diameter "Leaky Coaxial Cable" for an antenna that out-performs conventional "wire" antennas for longer range.

FCC Part 15 Verified
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