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There are several methods you can use to ship your radio to us. U.P.S., Fed-Ex, and the U.S. Postal Service. You can either ship the entire radio or just the chassis. Should you decide to ship the entire radio, use a good strong box. Wrap the radio in bubble packing material. Fill the box to about 1/3 of packing peanuts. Place the radio in and fill the remaining box with packing peanuts. A good rule-of-thumb procedure once your radio is packed is to shake the box. If there is any movement you need to add more packing material. We highly recommend that you "double-box" the radio for further protection and to insure it.

Should you decide to ship only the chassis, use care removing it from the cabinet. The speaker and electronic components both on top and underneath are delicate. Use the above procedure to ship. Note: If the speaker is seperate from the chassis, please remove and send it along as the field coil is part of the power supply.

Large radios such as consoles, you only need to ship the chassis and speaker. If your console is equipped with a large and heavy chassis, you may want to consider shipping it in a wooden crate due to it's size and weight.